No toys from home may be brought to school.

      • The teacher may request a favourite teddy for a specific discussion/ring purpose and only then, once parents have been advised via a newsletter or notebook, may specific toys be brought to school.
      • The teacher will keep toys brought to school until home time.
      • The school will not be held responsible for any toys brought to school that are lost or broken.
      • The child is asthmatic and is having an acute attack. A pump marked with the child’s name and directions for use must be left daily or permanently with the secretary.


Please remember that these rules and precautions are in place to protect your child.  Your co-operation will be appreciated.




As young as the learners are, they are encouraged by parents and teachers to:

    1. Listen to the teacher the first time she speaks
    2. Refrain from interfering with other children while they are working and playing
    3. Be polite, considerate and respectful to adults and peers at all times
    4. To develop self discipline, consideration, patience, tolerance of and sharing with others.
    5. To ensure appropriate use of and respect for all school apparatus
    6. To refrain from taking any school property home.




    1. The staff uses positive reinforcement to encourage acceptable behaviour.
    2. Positive incentive systems are in place to encourage the children to function at their expected level of performance.
    3. Parents will be asked to work together with teachers towards behaviour management and modification wherever necessary.


The progress and development of each child is carefully monitored and recorded.  A strong link between home and school is maintained through regular contact between teacher and parent.





We follow a healthy food policy.  Parents are asked to supply a mid-morning snack box and a bottle of juice or preferably water.  Please do not include sweets, chips or junk food.  PLEASE USE SPILL-PROOF COLD DRINK BOTTLES AND NO BOXES OF JUICE PLEASE.


Aftercare lunch boxes are also required and we ask that these contain healthy food too.  .


Aftercare casuals; Please send a light lunch and afternoon snack.




Birthdays will be celebrated with a “Birthday Ring” in the child’s group.

Please supply cupcakes or a large cake to be cut up. The teacher will liaise with parents regarding the date.


Traditionally each birthday pupil will donate a book to the library.  This does not have to be a new book as long as it is in good condition (No fairy stories please).


Please be advised that birthday parties are the parents’ responsibility outside school premises.




The school undertakes to supplement the educational programme by means of outings, entertainment and education support programmes.  Parents will be notified of the various dates and costs in advance.  An indemnity form is to be signed by the parents giving consent for the child to participate in any excursion. (Excursions are restricted to Grade R pupils and are very rare).




Extra mural activities available are:

–  Children’s Mini Sport

–  Royal academy of Dance

–  Swimming

Details of these activities will be sent out at the beginning of the new term.


Parents must pay by Direct Transfer into the Extra Mural teacher’s banking account.  This reduces the risk of money being lost/misplaced while in transit.




Controlled access points are installed at different entrances to different classrooms.


Blue Security has upgraded our alarm system. Each teacher now has a panic alarm with them.





We try our best not to disturb our neighbours with too many cars blocking up the limited parking space we have, particularly in the mornings. To alleviate this we have an assistant at the gate each morning who will receive your child and escort him/her to the class, thereby releasing the parents and the parking. We understand that initially the little ones will have some anxiety leaving Mom and Dad.  Please encourage your child to walk to the classroom independently.




We limit fund raising functions each year. We ask that all parents get involved at this time with ideas and assistance on the day.

Proceeds of these functions are used to improve facilities on the school premises for the benefit of all our pupils.




Our policy with regard to children who are ill or who have a communicable disease is as follows:


While we would prefer parents to tell the principal if their child has the HI virus, we are aware that this is not a notifiable disease.  For this reason the staff treat every child in the school as a possible carrier.


The following precautions are taken to protect the staff and children and to minimise the risk of transmission of any disease:


    1. Children wash their hands thoroughly before eating and after using the loo.
    2. Children are taught the dangers inherent in touching any body fluids, particularly blood.
    3. Children are discouraged from using any aggressive behaviour, with particular emphasis on the dangers of biting.


Treatment of injuries:

      • Staff wear disposable gloves during the treatment of any bleeding wound
      • In the case of excessive bleeding the injury is treated at the place of the accident
      • Blood spillages are cleaned immediately with fresh 1:10 solution of sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) and water. This is sufficient to kill any virus present in the blood.
      • The cut or injury is cleaned and covered.
      • Soiled items are safely disposed of and soiled clothing sealed in a plastic packet.
      • Injuries are noted in an accident register and if severe enough, parents will be contacted to fetch the child from school


  1. Parents are requested to assist the school by adhering strictly to the following rules:
      • Children who are unwell MUST be kept at home until the infectious period has passed and they are well enough to attend school again. The Principal reserves the right to send a child home if, in her opinion, the child is not well enough to attend school or is likely to infect other children.
      • Any and every open wound or sore must be covered with a plaster which completely seals the wound.
      • Children with nits and/or lice must be kept at home and treated with a medicated shampoo recommended by your pharmacist. They may return to school only once all the nits have been removed.
      • Children with scabies or impetigo (Natal sores) must be kept at home until the rash has cleared or the sores are no longer infectious.
      • Children with ringworm must be treated with the correct medication and only return to school when no longer infectious.



Members of staff are NOT ALLOWED to administer any medication orally except under the following circumstances

      • The child is suffering from a severe allergic reaction – If you are aware of an allergy your child has, the school must be informed and supplied with the appropriate anti-histamine medication. This should be clearly marked with the child’s name and necessary dosage.