Our Curriculum is set and strictly followed by the Department of Education standards and guidelines.

CAPs Curriculum for your information: Click to get directed to info


We incorporate Gross / Fine Motor Development and Sensory Development in daily routine. Developing each child’s individuality and potential.


Past pupils have achieved excellent results in the formal education phase of Mathematics and Reading. Pupils participate in a Speech Festival and Grade R Olympiad.


Daily activities include art, movement (teacher directed activities), cycling, ring times, free play, teacher directed worksheets and story time.


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We aim to give your child the best education possible!

  • On Monday we ask for “waste” for box construction. Useful items include stickers, toilet rolls, cardboard boxes, corks, margarine tubs, reels, beads, buttons, gift wrap etc.


  • Library day: Return library books and they will be renewed. Any lost or damaged books will have to be paid for.


  • On Tuesday children bring flowers from home for their teachers.


  • Wednesday is Tuckshop. Orders must be placed by Monday to ensure catering arrangements are made.


  • Thursday, an interesting item for “show and tell” can be brought to school for discussion (NO toys).  Try to have some connection between Show and Tell articles and the Theme.
  • Cents for charity: please bring along any loose change so we can donate to charity.


  • Friday is Mini Chef.
    • The teacher will draw up a Mini Chef Day roster.  Each child in the group will have a turn and will bring an item (cupcakes, packets of popcorn etc.) to be sold at R2 to each child in the group. Entrepreneurship forms part of the Life Skills programme and the teacher uses the money collected to buy something extra for her classroom.  Please remember R2.00 on Friday.